Inifinite Blue


“Infinite Blue” is an otome game, or romance visual novel, that will be released for iOS and Android platforms in 2023. The premise is that you as the player, along with six strangers, have a messenger app mysteriously downloaded onto your phones. In the course of 10 real-time days, you will have the opportunity to grow close to these strangers, chat with them on the messenger, and learn why the app was installed.

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Tobias Fox
“I’m not the kind of guy you want your parents to meet.”

Age: 25   Height: 6'2
Ocupation: Professional Gambler/TV Personality
CV: Scott Sherman

About: Frequently competing in gambling TV shows, Tobias is the life of the party, or at least, that’s the image he projects. When not flying off to film in Las Vegas, he likes taking his car out for a spin, practicing magic tricks, and staring into his ever-empty fridge. Even though he’s considered to be sleazy by the general public, he’ll make sure that you don’t view him that way.

• Also goes by “The Fox” and “The Prince of Vegas”
• Afraid of ghosts
• Thinks Alaska is an island

Alexei Demidov
“I read that love is the chemical release of dopamine and oxytocin.”

Age: 22   Height: 5'10
Ocupation: Chemical Engineer
CV: Orpheo Fenn

About: Considered to be a super genius, Alexei has lived a sheltered life filled with work. He’s withdrawn and quiet but tries his best to understand and relate to others. He likes animals, geodes, and task orientation - otherwise his curiosity can lead him to trouble. With a drive to learn, he’ll want to know everything about you, just as soon as he works up the courage to ask.

• Has melted 2.3 million dollars’ worth of equipment
• Interested in the ocean and its contents
• Would someday like to build a birdhouse

Leo Roselund
“I was never interested in relationships until…um…haha.”

Age: 23   Height: 5'11
Ocupation: Barista
CV: Lou Fox

About: Energetic and upbeat, Leo partakes in slightly dorky hobbies with his friends, including LARPing and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Because of his friendly nature and princely looks, he is frequently asked out on dates, even though he avoids relationships at all costs. Leo likes to support those around him and does his best to brighten everyone’s day, especially yours.

• Aspires to run in a marathon
• Was crowned prom king in high school
• Can’t do math

Milo De Luca
“Did you know that 50% of marriages end in divorce?”

Age: 26   Height: 6'0
Ocupation: Security officer
CV: John Q Kubin

About: Sharp and observant, Milo is quick to understand any situation. On a day off you can find him listening to Frank Sinatra, going out for a walk, or reading one of his grandfather’s books. He doesn’t display strong emotions except for his true love, Italian food. He’s difficult to phase, and even more difficult to get to know, but, if you need him, he’ll be there.

• Runs on coffee and energy bars
• Can eat a plate of spaghetti in under a minute
• Believes a coat rack is peak décor

Brooklyn Hayes
“I’d like to experience love like in the novels, however, fiction is not reality.”

Age: 27   Height: 6'1
Ocupation: Business Magnate
CV: Mike Young

About: A businessman with a penchant for historical romance and recreational ironing, Brooklyn is dedicated to forging his own path in life. He pines for true romance but shies away from letting anyone too close. Instead, he spends any free time alone in his castle-like mansion. No matter the situation, he is always polished, gentlemanly, and ready to serve you a nice cup of tea.

• Once spent an entire weekend dusting
• Wishes he lived in the Victorian era
• Will rearrange floral centerpieces if left unattended

Rory Gatlin
“It’s not like I want to hold your hand while watching the sun set on a warm summer’s evening or something.”

Age: 24   Height: 5'11
Ocupation: Librarian
CV: Mylo Reid

About:A secret romantic who’s a little rough around the edges, Rory is trying to separate from an old life into a brighter future. He has a creative streak and passion for his interests, including painting, cooking, and tending to his vegetable garden. In tune to other’s emotions, he’ll always have your best interests at heart, even if he won’t admit to it.

• Has a sailor’s mouth
• Can correctly recycle
• Overly enthusiastic about eggplant varieties

Platform: Android/iOS
Rating: T (16+)
Word Count: 300k
Routes: 6+
Endings: 25+
CGs: 48+
•  Free-to-play
All six routes available to play through in their entirety, with purchasable/gatherable in-game currency to unlock additional features
Chats/events appear in real-time, but can be completed at your own pace.

Beautiful original backgrounds, CGs, and additional art.

•  Plentiful choices
Ample choices determine the path you take, with four different endings per character.
•  Chatroom/phone calls/events
Chat with characters in-app, call them on the phone, send texts, and possibly even meet them in person.
•  Player customization
Choose your own name and profile picture as it appears in-game. Select she/her, he/him, or they/them pronouns.
CGs/Lead Design
Karel Kok
Background Artist
Faefield Productions
Shawna P
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